When I decided to do an episode solely on one film there really was no discussion with the other munchkins in my brain as to what that film would be. The Wizard of Oz stands the test of time in both its story and its music but what happened behind the scenes could be a movie on its own. Joining me in the land of Oz are Jenny Brezinski, Ela Darling, and Wes Weitzenhoffer. We go into our own theories on the meaning of the film as well as reveal some fun facts that may make you appreciate the movie a little more. Plus it wouldn't be bad sloth if we didn't get off topic here and there:  Ela Darling fills us in on what a "Comic-con orgy" is; we dissect the wreck that is Oz the Great and Powerful; and we get into a heated debate on whether kids films from the 80's are more creative and darker than the films of today. Oh, and Wes talks about Dorothy's menstruation, so you have that to look forward to.

Welcome to the first ever Geeketeria episode of the "Geekie Award" winning bad sloth podcast! Geeketeria episodes are all geek talk, no Wikipedia, and now with 100% more porn stars then ever before! The "Bones" of porn, Ela Darling, bares her inner geek and fingerblasts the porn star stereotype by showing off her big brain. Steve Moulton, fresh off his inspiring role as "Pepperjack" in Sharknado, fingerblasts the actor stereotype by having valid opinions. And a Geeketeria episode wouldn't feel complete without Wes Weitzenhoffer, who fingerblasts. Inside you'll find less offensive material about Comic-Con, film, TV, new game consoles, and I reveal how you can buy actual props from films like E.T., Star Wars and even Pee Wee Herman's bicycle! Nerdgasms galore!

Socrates pondered it, Julius Caesar died over it, it's the question the atomic bomb was spawned from: What the hell is the difference between a nerd and a geek?  Who better to help answer it then the creators of the monthly Upright Citizens Brigade show Tournament of Nerds, Justin Donaldson and Hal Rudnick. Though as all great questions go, we discuss for a good 20 minutes before the conversation diverges into all sorts of macabre topics like: wrestling, action figures, Happy Days, the seedy world of Small Wonder fan fiction and my obsession with TV. By the end of this episode you WILL know if you're a nerd or a geek. (Spoiler: you're both.)

4 strangers meet on a train to play Trivial Pursuit in order to promote Wes Weitzenhoffer's official Table Top Day home game for the Lustgarten Foundation to cure pancreatic cancer.  All that minus us being on a train and strangers. Make sense? No? It's for charity people. Play along with us and yell when we get the easy questions wrong!  And you can't play 90's edition trivial pursuit without geeking out over some of the questions.

Plus, Renae and Sina recount the story about how the annoying letters of a teenage boy paved the way for him becoming the editor of Skybound Comics, which includes The Walking Dead.  Find out how you can win a screen-worn Michael Myers costume from Halloween. Hint: It involves seeing the awesomely horrifying film Compound Fracture that our dear Renae produced and co-wrote with her hubby Sabretooth... I mean Tyler Mane. www.CompoundFractureTheMovie.com

In addition Sina has very graciously donated original cover art of his Not My Bag graphic novel to auction off for our cause. The auction has ended and the cover art went for $510! You can also donate straight to the charity at www.lustgarten.org/tabletopday2013.

Superman Main Titles Theme by John Williams.

This is the second part in the two-part Scientology episode with Mark Bunker and Jake Weisman. You were promised anti-Scientology cats and in part 2 you get them! If you haven't listened to part one yet then you really should because you'll have no idea what's happening and which characters have died off and what the hell's a thetan? All that in part one but this is part two... enjoy.

I have always had a morbid fascination with cults. Perhaps because I was born on the day of the Jonestown Massacre. So when I first heard about Scientology I read everything about it and was shocked at the nefarious activities they get away with. I was as giddy as a schoolgirl when "Wise Beard Man" himself, Mark Bunker, of XENUTV.com, agreed to be a guest.  He's one of the main forces trying to take the corruption out of Scientology. Comedian Jake Weisman, whose fascination with the group is even greater than mine, lends us his thoughts and outrage on the matter. Jake also reveals he may be harboring anti-Scientologist cats. We get into it all, including the life of L. Ron Hubbard and his rise after writing Dianetics. You'll get a lesson on what Scientology is and learn about the tragedy of Lisa McPherson. We also discuss the mad genius behind the tactics Scientologists use to get into people's heads.  You may wonder, "What's geeky about Scientology?" It's full of sci-fi and bad tech so what's not geeky about it! There's so much information it had to be split into two parts. Are we worried that the Scientologists will come get us? YES!

We spared no expense! Excuse the shorter episode but bad sloth had a hardware meltdown and half the episode became extinct. What we're left with is still an episode full of interesting dino talk due to the informative Cara Santa Maria of The Huffington Post. We also discover a rare species, the entertaining Gigglesaur a.k.a. Bailee Desrocher. Gigglesaurs are incredibly intelligent and are prone to fits of glorious laughter. Of course you can't talk about dinosaurs without bringing up Jurassic Park and the big questions: Should we bring back extinct animals? Is it even possible? And what if humans were the cause of the extinction, should it matter? All I know is if Woolly Mammoths came back I would trade my Prius in for one!

This episode contains a Tardis full of spoilers so you've been warned! Although even with the spoilers it won't ruin your experience if you're new to the world of the Doctor... but don't tell River Song I said so. What do you mean she's a fictional character?! My companions on this trip are Daniel Weiss, who returns to try and step up his game from his last appearance on the show. Spoiler... he does, thankfully. And Emma Fyffe fulfills her role as "the girl" as we discuss the last son of Gallifrey on his 50th anniversary of existence.

Step inside to find out our favorite episodes, companions, adversaries and who we feel best filled the shoes of the 11 PhDs. (Hint: The answer is not Paul McGann.) Could Chris Hardwick be #12? Well of course not but we still discuss the ridiculous idea. This episode is bigger on the inside so sit back, relax and let's play Doctor!

Happy Christmahanukwanzaakah  everyone! bad sloth got out of bed to bring you a special holiday episode to help you decide what board games to buy your loved ones or those you tolerate and have to buy presents for.  Jenny Brezinski and Wes Weitzenhoffer are this episodes helper elves with info on lots of fun games. Aw heck, here's the list of the ones we gab about: Cranium, Balderdash, Senet, Dixit, Cards Against Humanity, Apple to Apples, Morphology, Flux, Gloom, The Walking Dead, Perfection, Sorry, Mousetrap, Monopoly, Life, Munchkin. Also included in the box are discussions on how tetherball is NOT a board game...Jenny!... and ways to not let missing game pieces ruin you and your family's lives.

Wikipedia Brown was murdered! The 25th century podcast bad sloth emerged from a worm hole and took over its identity right in time for the Time Travel episode. Dave Ross, borrowed from Nerdist podcast Sex Nerd Sandra, joins us for the geekiest episode ever. So geeky that it encroaches on nerd territory and melds itself into some form of gerd, which we then had to euthanize. "What does Oedipus have to do with time travel," asked no one ever. To answer that we have Wes Weitzenhoffer back on the show! Drink a shot every time Wes says, "whatever happened, happened," and you'll be dead of alcohol poisoning toot sweet. Listen to us confuse ourselves into a time loop; add a little Quantum Leap, Back to the Future, Looper and Time Cop talk; then mix with a pinch of Wes showing his pure hatred for Chloe Moretz and you have an episode half worth listening to!

It's a real life horror movie in this special Halloween episode of Wikipedia Brown (now called bad sloth)! What was supposed to be a fun day of costume wearing and apple bobbing turns into a frank discussion on religion, politics, and the need for human beings to survive... no matter what the cost. Humorist/playwright, Dylan Brody, shares his brain with us on all things pagan.  While writer/actress Codi Fischer carves out her knowledge of Halloween and yells at Ann Coulter to eat a burger. She cray! Blasphemy you ask? There's a hell of a lot of that too.  This one's deep y'all! And yes, we blame the media... duh.

Podcasts, that's where I'm a viking! Episode four is a dysfunctional family affair because Wikipedia Brown (now called bad sloth) takes on the case of The Simpsons. Television editor Brad Cordeiro and comedian Asterios Kokkinos join the discussion on America's favorite yellow family. If you Choo-Choo-Choose to listen then you'll be subjected to horrendous Italian accents, merkins, singing and Simpsons trivia. We'll also answer the questions:  What piece of Simpsons history do I have in my living room? Do The Simpsons voice actors deserve bazillions of dollars for saying funny words in a booth while wearing pajama pants? But most importantly... will everything come up Milhouse?!

In our third episode, Wikipedia Brown (now called bad sloth) takes on the case of Zombies but it just turns out to be those meddling kids again... but wait, those kids are zombies! Special guest Sina Grace, from Image comics and former editor of The Walking Dead comics, brings The Great Gatsby (the greatest zombie tale ever told?) into the conversation. And comedian Joe Starr (the skinny Joe Starr) gives us the downlow on World War Z and his tearful encounter with the Dead Island trailer. Also in this episode: How George Romero got screwed, my dog makes his first appearance, Emma Stone, a wager between Sina and I regarding our listeners and the Smashing Pumpkins... plus a mind blowing moment that will forever change your outlook when seeing a zombie eat.

In this second episode, Wikipedia Brown (now called bad sloth) takes on the case of The Walt Disney Company. Guests Kaitlin Beauchemin & Wes Weitzenhoffer join the conversation, which hits all things Disney; the downfall of Tim Burton; and our love of Gene Wilder. We'll also finally answer the questions: Was Walt Disney a Nazi? Is his head frozen? Is Song of the South racist? Are churros really $30 in Disneyland? All this and more in a special extended edition of Wikipedia Brown.

Wikipedia Brown is now called bad sloth! In this debut episode we take on the page of Stan Lee... the nicest man in comic books. Or is he? Grant Pardee and Daniel Weiss give their 4 cents. Plus, you can't talk about Marvel without bringing up DC and Batman!


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