When I decided to do an episode solely on one film there really was no discussion with the other munchkins in my brain as to what that film would be. The Wizard of Oz stands the test of time in both its story and its music but what happened behind the scenes could be a movie on its own. Joining me in the land of Oz are Jenny Brezinski, Ela Darling, and Wes Weitzenhoffer. We go into our own theories on the meaning of the film as well as reveal some fun facts that may make you appreciate the movie a little more. Plus it wouldn't be bad sloth if we didn't get off topic here and there:  Ela Darling fills us in on what a "Comic-con orgy" is; we dissect the wreck that is Oz the Great and Powerful; and we get into a heated debate on whether kids films from the 80's are more creative and darker than the films of today. Oh, and Wes talks about Dorothy's menstruation, so you have that to look forward to.

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