Welcome to the first ever Geeketeria episode of the "Geekie Award" winning bad sloth podcast! Geeketeria episodes are all geek talk, no Wikipedia, and now with 100% more porn stars then ever before! The "Bones" of porn, Ela Darling, bares her inner geek and fingerblasts the porn star stereotype by showing off her big brain. Steve Moulton, fresh off his inspiring role as "Pepperjack" in Sharknado, fingerblasts the actor stereotype by having valid opinions. And a Geeketeria episode wouldn't feel complete without Wes Weitzenhoffer, who fingerblasts. Inside you'll find less offensive material about Comic-Con, film, TV, new game consoles, and I reveal how you can buy actual props from films like E.T., Star Wars and even Pee Wee Herman's bicycle! Nerdgasms galore!


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