4 strangers meet on a train to play Trivial Pursuit in order to promote Wes Weitzenhoffer's official Table Top Day home game for the Lustgarten Foundation to cure pancreatic cancer.  All that minus us being on a train and strangers. Make sense? No? It's for charity people. Play along with us and yell when we get the easy questions wrong!  And you can't play 90's edition trivial pursuit without geeking out over some of the questions.

Plus, Renae and Sina recount the story about how the annoying letters of a teenage boy paved the way for him becoming the editor of Skybound Comics, which includes The Walking Dead.  Find out how you can win a screen-worn Michael Myers costume from Halloween. Hint: It involves seeing the awesomely horrifying film Compound Fracture that our dear Renae produced and co-wrote with her hubby Sabretooth... I mean Tyler Mane. www.CompoundFractureTheMovie.com

In addition Sina has very graciously donated original cover art of his Not My Bag graphic novel to auction off for our cause. The auction has ended and the cover art went for $510! You can also donate straight to the charity at www.lustgarten.org/tabletopday2013.

Superman Main Titles Theme by John Williams.

This is the second part in the two-part Scientology episode with Mark Bunker and Jake Weisman. You were promised anti-Scientology cats and in part 2 you get them! If you haven't listened to part one yet then you really should because you'll have no idea what's happening and which characters have died off and what the hell's a thetan? All that in part one but this is part two... enjoy.

I have always had a morbid fascination with cults. Perhaps because I was born on the day of the Jonestown Massacre. So when I first heard about Scientology I read everything about it and was shocked at the nefarious activities they get away with. I was as giddy as a schoolgirl when "Wise Beard Man" himself, Mark Bunker, of XENUTV.com, agreed to be a guest.  He's one of the main forces trying to take the corruption out of Scientology. Comedian Jake Weisman, whose fascination with the group is even greater than mine, lends us his thoughts and outrage on the matter. Jake also reveals he may be harboring anti-Scientologist cats. We get into it all, including the life of L. Ron Hubbard and his rise after writing Dianetics. You'll get a lesson on what Scientology is and learn about the tragedy of Lisa McPherson. We also discuss the mad genius behind the tactics Scientologists use to get into people's heads.  You may wonder, "What's geeky about Scientology?" It's full of sci-fi and bad tech so what's not geeky about it! There's so much information it had to be split into two parts. Are we worried that the Scientologists will come get us? YES!


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