This episode contains a Tardis full of spoilers so you've been warned! Although even with the spoilers it won't ruin your experience if you're new to the world of the Doctor... but don't tell River Song I said so. What do you mean she's a fictional character?! My companions on this trip are Daniel Weiss, who returns to try and step up his game from his last appearance on the show. Spoiler... he does, thankfully. And Emma Fyffe fulfills her role as "the girl" as we discuss the last son of Gallifrey on his 50th anniversary of existence.

Step inside to find out our favorite episodes, companions, adversaries and who we feel best filled the shoes of the 11 PhDs. (Hint: The answer is not Paul McGann.) Could Chris Hardwick be #12? Well of course not but we still discuss the ridiculous idea. This episode is bigger on the inside so sit back, relax and let's play Doctor!


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