Wikipedia Brown was murdered! The 25th century podcast bad sloth emerged from a worm hole and took over its identity right in time for the Time Travel episode. Dave Ross, borrowed from Nerdist podcast Sex Nerd Sandra, joins us for the geekiest episode ever. So geeky that it encroaches on nerd territory and melds itself into some form of gerd, which we then had to euthanize. "What does Oedipus have to do with time travel," asked no one ever. To answer that we have Wes Weitzenhoffer back on the show! Drink a shot every time Wes says, "whatever happened, happened," and you'll be dead of alcohol poisoning toot sweet. Listen to us confuse ourselves into a time loop; add a little Quantum Leap, Back to the Future, Looper and Time Cop talk; then mix with a pinch of Wes showing his pure hatred for Chloe Moretz and you have an episode half worth listening to!


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