It's a real life horror movie in this special Halloween episode of Wikipedia Brown (now called bad sloth)! What was supposed to be a fun day of costume wearing and apple bobbing turns into a frank discussion on religion, politics, and the need for human beings to survive... no matter what the cost. Humorist/playwright, Dylan Brody, shares his brain with us on all things pagan.  While writer/actress Codi Fischer carves out her knowledge of Halloween and yells at Ann Coulter to eat a burger. She cray! Blasphemy you ask? There's a hell of a lot of that too.  This one's deep y'all! And yes, we blame the media... duh.

Podcasts, that's where I'm a viking! Episode four is a dysfunctional family affair because Wikipedia Brown (now called bad sloth) takes on the case of The Simpsons. Television editor Brad Cordeiro and comedian Asterios Kokkinos join the discussion on America's favorite yellow family. If you Choo-Choo-Choose to listen then you'll be subjected to horrendous Italian accents, merkins, singing and Simpsons trivia. We'll also answer the questions:  What piece of Simpsons history do I have in my living room? Do The Simpsons voice actors deserve bazillions of dollars for saying funny words in a booth while wearing pajama pants? But most importantly... will everything come up Milhouse?!


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